500 Albums Challenge 4/500: Songs In The Key Of Life-Stevie Wonder

Henry Zhan
2 min readNov 6, 2020

I was pretty busy yesterday and the day before that so I didn’t listen to any music. But today Imma go on with album №4. This one is by Stevie Wonder. Again, heard of the name before, but never listened to any of his songs. So let’s check this out.

Let’s Go…

  1. Love’s In Need Of Love Today- Wow, just 1 and a half minute into it, I’m already loving it! A very chill vibe and Stevie got an attractive voice. I also love the way the background vocals sang. Definitely a perfect song.
  2. Have A Talk With God- Well, I just don’t really like the instruments playing at the background. Still an interesting song but I definitely like the first one more.
  3. Village Ghetto Land- Sings about life in the ghetto. Love the lyrics cuz they are real. I can feel how life in the ghetto is like just by reading the lyrics.
  4. Contusion- Alright, but what is this really? Disco music? Is sounds pretty good though. :)
  5. Sir Duke- So I did a little research and knew that this song was a single of the album. No doubt this is catchy as well, and I’m loving it! The chorus is so tight that I can’t remove it from my brain lol.
  6. I Wish- So another single to the album. This one got a typical 70s feel, in my opinion. Still, there’s a reason that this is made as a single. :)
  7. Knocks Me Off My Feet- This is a slow song. I really love the verses, but the chorus somehow lacks some power.
  8. Pastime Paradise- Wow!! When I heard the intro I was like, damn, this is so familiar! Then I recalled that I’ve heard it from “Gangsta’s Paradise.” That song must have sampled Stevie Wonder. The melody is so freaking catchy. I basically hummed through the entire song.
  9. Summer Soft- Okay, the start of the song is stunning. But don’t really like the focus that much.
  10. Ordinary Pain- I thought the song was over at 2:40 but I was wrong though. I can feel real emotion in it. Though I wonder who’s the female singer for the second half.
  11. Isn’t She Lovely- Pretty up-tempo. Still, there’s a reason this song is made a single. Super catchy song, love it!
  12. Joy Inside My Teats- Sweet love song :)
  13. Black Man- Another song talking about racism problems/discrimination. Really loving the message Stevie’s trying to convey. None of the songs today are that deep.
  14. “Ngiculela — Es Una Historia — I Am Singing”- A Spanish song, interesting.
  15. If It’s Magic-
  16. As- Why, but the song got 90s G-Funk vibe. Still super catchy! Also beautifully written, just like any other Stevie song.
  17. Another Star-

So, finally made it through the album. It’s the longest album I’ve ever heard so far. Gotta say I really love it, probably better than the first three album on the list. Stevie Wonder is definitely a musically genius!