500 Albums Challenge 33/500: Back to Black-Amy Winehouse

Henry Zhan
1 min readDec 29, 2020


Another day another album. It’s interesting that I see two consecutive albums from the 21st century, but what even more amazes me is the fact that I never heard of Amy Winehouse. Really wondering right now what type of music she makes, so let’s give it a listen.

Let’s Go…

  1. Rehab- This song doesn’t feel like it is made in 2006, should be much earlier lol!
  2. You Know I’m No Good- This is a great song! Really great beat and catchy melody.
  3. Me & Mr. Jones- Decent track. But the problem is, so far I still can’t tell which genre of music this is. Is this pop or R&B?
  4. Just Friends- Weird instrument playing at the background, but still a good song.
  5. Back to Black- Featuring Mark Ronson, the famous guy on Uptown Funk.
  6. Love Is a Losing Game- On every album there is a song about love and relationships
  7. Tears Dry on Their Own- More uplifting than other songs on the album, though it seems to be talking about something said.
  8. Wake Up Alone- Terrific intro, immediately caught my attention
  9. Some Unholy War-
  10. He Can Only Hold Her-
  11. Addicted-

I wouldn’t say that this is a bad album, but I just don’t really understand it, or it isn’t my type of music. Anyways, I don’t really like it. So let’s see tomorrow can bring me something I like.



Henry Zhan