500 Albums Challenge 32/500: Lemonade-Beyonce

Henry Zhan
2 min readDec 28, 2020


A new album coming up. This one is Lemonade, by Beyonce. It was released in 2016, so that’s the most recent album on the list so far. No need to explain how famous Beyonce is. So let’s check out this album.

Let’s Go…

  1. Pray You Catch Me- That was a weird intro, but I’m enjoying it once the vocal kicks in. This looks like an unusual song.
  2. Hold Up- I like the way the percussion goes back there. The deeper I go into the album, the more I can tell that the album ain’t conventional.
  3. Don’t Hurt Yourself- Weird intro, again. This song doesn’t feel like it belongs to this decade. Beyonce’s high notes near the end are stunning.
  4. Sorry- Not really the music that I would like.
  5. 6 Inch- Featuring the Weeknd. I gotta say that’s a great combination! Again, many parts of the song just surprises me a lot.
  6. Daddy Lessons- Great song! I really love the beat, because it got the guitar in there. And the chorus is simply beautiful. It sounds like country music somehow. No doubt my favorite track on the album.
  7. Love Drought-
  8. Sandcastles- Great piano intro, overall really love this song!
  9. Forward-
  10. Freedom- It really shocked me when I heard Lamar’s rapping somewhere in the middle. Gotta say it fits perfectly with the mood of the track. It is just me or the end of song reminds me of the classic album by Lauryn Hill, when she ends almost every single song with a teacher teaching his students?
  11. All Night- The song is what I call perfection. Second favorite track on the album.
  12. Formation- A more Hip-Hop song, decent.

I really enjoyed this album, and it also helps me understand Beyonce better. So even though a lot of music today is trash, there is still good music in this era.



Henry Zhan