500 Albums Challenge 30/500: Are You Experienced- Jimi Hendrix

Henry Zhan
2 min readDec 22, 2020


So I’m back again for another album. Finally seeing one by Jimi Hendrix, the legend who played the guitar upside down. I heard his name a million times but never listened to his work. So now really thrilled to check it out.

Let’s Go…

  1. Purple Haze- Interesting song. The guitar is going crazy. But sadly doesn’t really go with my music taste…
  2. Manic Depression- Man that solo in the middle was lit. Just wished that the drums can sound a little tighter. This album feels like alternate rock, so a sub-genre of rock.
  3. Hey Joe- Great song with a stunning intro that caught my attention. Really smooth guitar and great solo at the break. And, nostalgic is the best feeling.
  4. Love or Confusion- Really enjoyed the intro. But the rest of the song is disappointing to me, only because it’s not my music taste.
  5. May This Be Love-
  6. I Don’t Live Today-
  7. The Wind Cries Mary- I like this one more than the previous two, because this one is smoother and softer.
  8. Fire-
  9. Third Stone from the Sun-
  10. Foxey Lady- That’s an interesting song!
  11. Are You Experienced- The song got such a weird mood, kinda hard to keep my ear tuned.
  12. Stone Free-
  13. 51st Anniversary- The guitar is sick.
  14. Highway Chile-
  15. Can You See Me-
  16. Remember-
  17. Red House-

Well, this might be a classic album, and Jimi Hendrix might be one of the best guitar players ever, but it is just not my music taste for some reason. I feel bad since I can’t appreciate the music.



Henry Zhan