500 Albums Challenge 3/500: Blue-Joni Mitchell

Henry Zhan
2 min readNov 3, 2020

(I started a plan on Nov.1, 2020, to go through the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of all time list. I’m planning on doing 1–2 albums every day, and I hope to finish it by the end of 2021. I will be writing my reactions to every single album on Medium.)

So there we go for Day 3. Today will be about Blue by Joni Mitchell. Never heard of the album or the singer. Pretty excited to give it a taste.

Let’s Go…

  1. All I Want- I really love the guitar, and this girl got a special voice, especially when she hit the high notes! Decent start for the album.
  2. My Old Man- The piano and the vocal sound a little inharmonic. But I still enjoyed the feel of this track.
  3. Little Green- Very smooth and gentle. It looks like there’s a story behind the song. I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics so Imma check it out later.
  4. Carey- Absolutely brilliant song! I’m more and more liking this girl’s voice! My favorite so far!
  5. Blue- Wonder who is “blue”?
  6. California- Still, her high notes are amazing. And I always love it when someone sings about California, especially when the song is so sweet. :)
  7. This Flight Tonight-
  8. River- Sounds like a Christmas song lol. Okay it’s not really. The piano incorporated the melody from “Jingle Bell”. I wish I had a river I can skate away on as well. Probably my second favorite track so far, just behind Carey.
  9. A Case Of You-
  10. The Last Time I Saw Richard-

That’s a tremendous album! Honestly speaking I prefer this one to Pet Sounds and What’s Going On. I’m stunned by the way Joni Mitchell sang these high notes. They just sound perfect. Still, I don’t get it why people consider the album innovational. I’m gonna do some further research right away.