500 Albums Challenge 3/500: Blue-Joni Mitchell

  1. All I Want- I really love the guitar, and this girl got a special voice, especially when she hit the high notes! Decent start for the album.
  2. My Old Man- The piano and the vocal sound a little inharmonic. But I still enjoyed the feel of this track.
  3. Little Green- Very smooth and gentle. It looks like there’s a story behind the song. I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics so Imma check it out later.
  4. Carey- Absolutely brilliant song! I’m more and more liking this girl’s voice! My favorite so far!
  5. Blue- Wonder who is “blue”?
  6. California- Still, her high notes are amazing. And I always love it when someone sings about California, especially when the song is so sweet. :)
  7. This Flight Tonight-
  8. River- Sounds like a Christmas song lol. Okay it’s not really. The piano incorporated the melody from “Jingle Bell”. I wish I had a river I can skate away on as well. Probably my second favorite track so far, just behind Carey.
  9. A Case Of You-
  10. The Last Time I Saw Richard-




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