500 Albums Challenge 26/500: Horses- Patti Smith

Henry Zhan
2 min readDec 5, 2020

Let’s keep moving on on the list. №26 is an album by Patti Smith, called Horses. I have no idea what kind of music this is, so let’s see.

Let’s Go…

  1. Gloria- Turns out to be another rock album. I love the guitar here, just like any other 70s rock song, it got old vibes. So I love that. I noticed that the music tempos up halfway through, that’s really innovational. Overall this is a terrific start to the album, the guitar just kills everything. Only thing I’m disappointed about is her voice. I’m just not used to girls singing this way.
  2. Redondo Beach- Not as good compared to the first track. Her way of singing still feels weird to me.
  3. Birdland- Interesting song though. But it is a bit too quiet and empty in my opinion. It seems as though Patti is not even singing in many parts of the song.
  4. Free Money- Great song. I especially enjoy the second love when all the guitars come in and the drums are going crazy.
  5. Kimberly- A little weird to my hears. The guitars are good definitely.
  6. Break It Up-
  7. Land- Wow, again, this time the guitar kills it. When I heard that guitar no matter how weird Patti’s voice is I’m gonna put this into my playlist. This has to be a masterpiece for being 9 minutes.
  8. Elegie-
  9. My Generation- Wow, this is really wild.

Overall, despite having a great start, this album is not really my type. I just cannot get used to the way Patti sings. Again, that doesn’t mean she’s a bad singer. It simply means that this ain’t my type of music.