500 Albums Challenge 25/500: Tapestry- Carole King

Henry Zhan
2 min readDec 4, 2020

Album №25, finally made it here. This one is Tapestry by Carole King. Never heard of the singer or the album. Looks like its the second album so far by a female artist, the first one is Blue by Joni Mitchell, which I absolutely loved. So let’s see how this goes.

Let’s Go…

  1. I Feel the Earth Move- Interesting! This song is actually in my playlist but I never knew! Since I added into my favorite, so probably I’ve heard of it before and I liked it. Indeed it’s a good song. Her voice isn’t that good compared to Joni Mitchell though. But still really amazing voice, it’s simply because Joni got the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.
  2. So Far Away- This is so serene and quiet, really the stuff that can calm my mind.
  3. It’s Too Late- Interesting! This song is in my playlist too. Wow, so I thought I don’t know anything about Carole King but I actually have two songs of her in my playlist.
  4. Home Again- Another tremendously great song. Carole King is so talented. Man, how much I wish I could live in the 70s.
  5. Beautiful- Love this. Love the piano at the break.
  6. Way Over Yonder- The saxophone at the break is really surprising. And it fits well with the mood of the track
  7. You’ve Got a Friend- A song about friendship. Everything about it is so real.
  8. Where You Lead- The guitar comes in, things can only get better. This is my favorite track on the album so far.
  9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?- Feels really good.
  10. Smackwater Jack- The guitar solo at the break sounds great. Interesting lyrics.
  11. Tapestry- Again, so smooth and soft, probably the exact type of music I need right now. Carole King is really really a great storyteller.
  12. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman- Wow!

This is definitely a great album! Not in any way worse than Blue by Joni Mitchell. To be honest both are classics. Man, how good were those days.