500 Albums Challenge 12/500: Thriller-Michael Jackson

  1. Wanna Be Startin’ Something- Honestly, not that much a good start for track 1. The drums are weird and I don’t like the overall vibe of the song
  2. Baby Be Mine- The beat got some 90s G-Funk feel. Overall the song is really smooth. But honestly I can’t get used to the way he sings.
  3. The Girl Is Mine- Wow, a collab with legend Paul McCartney. Very similary feel to the previous song.
  4. Voice-Over Session From Trailer-
  5. Thriller- Again, great song, just might not be my type of music.
  6. Beat It- Alright, there we go, the most famous song. I love it since it got a rock and roll feel. The lyrics are good btw.
  7. Billie Jean- Another famous song. Even though I’ve never heard of it, I know MJ got a song called Billie Jean. But to be honest, I just don’t feel like his music matches my music taste. So this song, again, just mediocre. Just my personal opinion, I’m not tryna get hate.
  8. Human Nature- Now that’s a really good song. Full of emotion. Probably my second favorite behind Beat It.
  9. P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)- Man, the beat is really uplifting. But is it just me, or this sounds kinda messy? What I love about it is the 80s feel tho.
  10. The Lady In My Life- Final track of the album. That’s another terrific song right there.




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