500 Albums Challenge 11/500: Revolver- The Beatles

  1. Taxman- The guitar is really going crazy, now a bad start of the album. So really, what are they trying to express. What is really a “taxman”?
  2. Eleanor Rigby- Well…
  3. I’m Only Sleeping- Feel in love with it since the start. This song feels political. I don’t know what the Beatles were really trying to say, but it’s definitely related to the society and the world.
  4. Love You To- Well, sounds weird to me…
  5. Here, There And Everywhere- The start of the song is stunning! Very throwback and reminiscent vibe. Definitely love it.
  6. Yellow Submarine- So this is the most famous song. Is it just me, or this sounds like a nursery rhyme.
  7. She Said She Said- Not much to say. As long as guitar is used as an instrument, a song will sound good.
  8. Good Day Sunshine- Awesome!
  9. And Your Bird Can Sing- The album is getting better and better at this point. The start was a little disappointing to me but now I’m loving it. This might be my favorite track so far. Again, splendid guitar.
  10. For No One- WOW! This is so smooth.
  11. Doctor Robert- Great song, talks about contemporary issues.
  12. I Want To Tell You- Love the vibe of the song.
  13. Got To Get You Into My Life-
  14. Tomorrow Never Knows-




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